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Our replacement canvases for Easy Sun parasols are compatible with all our parasol masts (anthracite or champagne). To change the canvas of your parasol, you just need a cross-barrel screwdriver and a stepladder.

A quality parasol must be adaptable according to your requirements. For this, all our parasols can have a canvas change in moments. Replacement canvases for Easy Sun parasols have exactly the same characteristics as original canvases. If you are still happy with your parasol, but you would like to change its colour, EasySun offers your the possibility of changing your parasol canvas in moments.

How do you change the canvas of your Easy Sun parasol?

To replacer your Easy Sun canvas, we would advise you to change the canvas direcly on the parasol, with the ribs retracted.

  • Take off the 8 protective screw caps.
  • Unscrew the 8 fixation points which attach the canvas to the ribs of your parasol.
  • Then all you have to do is detach the canvas from the interior of the parasol, untie the knot, and the canvas will collapse.

To assemble your new replacement canvas for Easy Sun parasols, all you need to do is follow the same steps, but in reverse order.

Olefin or polyester canvas: what's the difference?

Easy Sun parasol canvases in olefin (also called Dralon) are more resistant than our polyester canvases.

Firstly, they are thicker, weighing 240g per m². Also, this fabric has a reinforced weave which makes it more tear-resistant compared with classic canvases.

The cherry on the cake, an olefin parasol canvas filters the sun's rays, even better.

The depth of colour is different depending on the fabric of your parasol canvas

Clearly, the same colour will not appear the same on different fabrics.

Olefin is a material which is strengthened with its interlaced weave. The colour of the olefin parasol canvas will appear slightly mixed (light and dark), while the polyester will appear more homogeneous.

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