Bien choisir votre parasol Easy Sun

Easy Sun kit: everything you need to know about our quality parasols

All Easy Sun kits include a quality swivelling parasol, a base and a storage cover.

When the sun is hot, nothing beats the comfort of a shady spot. The quality parasols in each Easy Sun parasol kit protect you from light, and filter UV rays.
Robust and easy to use, the quality Easy Sun parasols are available in a wide range of colours.

Characteristics all our quality parasols have in common

Sun Garden are offering you 5 models of EASY SUN quality parasols. For each of these models, the main benefits are always the same:

  1. Ertalon ball joint with brake to limit the swaying motion
  2. Windscreen to decrease wind load
  3. Rib shock absorber which protects the canopy and offers a longer lifetime
  4. Double stitching on all the canopy seams 
  5. Winch opening/closing system with brake
  6. Roller bearing for a 360° rotation
  7. 70mm aluminium tube, HR epoxy paint, parasol tilts up to 45°
  8. Resin base with a surface area of 320cm²

Double pole for quality tilting and rotating parasol

To continuously be adapted to the sun’s position, our quality parasols pivot 360° and tilt to 45°.

The handle is equipped with a brake and a pulley system to facilitate the opening of this quality parasol.

When it is open, the upper ball blocks to allow it to tilt while avoiding any rubbing on the pole.

Canopies protected against tearing

Shock absorbers have been added to each rib to reduce shocks to the canopy when it is windy.

Easy Sun offers no fewer than 4 ways to reduce the tension of the canopies on these quality parasols (ventilation shaft, eyelet, ball joint with brake, shock absorber on each rib).

A double-seam system offers good resistance to stress that all our parasol canopies could be subject to, while guaranteeing their water-tightness.

Rock-solid stability

The brake added to the ball joint at the top, the canopy wind vent and the division of weight between the two poles give perfect stability to these quality parasols.
All this in addition to a very wide (320cm²) and very heavy (up to 150kg) base make this quality parasol one of the most stable ones on the market.


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