Olefin replacement canvas for Easy Sun parasol 320, light Taupe Expand

Olefin replacement canvas for Easy Sun parasol 320, light Taupe




This Olefin replacement canvas (240gr/m²) can be used on each of our free arm Easy Sun parasols of 320cm, whatever the year of production. This original canvas has exactly the same features as the ones on our actual Easy Sun parasols. The replacement of the canvas is easy and fast, and you'll only need a cross-head screwdriver and a stap stool.

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More info about this Olefin canvas. A parasol of such quality requires to be able to adapt to your desires. If you're still satisfied by your Sun Garden parasol but you'd like to have another color, Easy Sun proposes you to change it in only a few steps. This Olefin canvas (240 gr/m²) has the same qualities than all the other ones actually sold with our Sun Garden - Easy Sun parasols. Each canvas has eyelets to be fixed on the ribs of the parasol. Beside the chimney, 8 velcro's need to be fixed on each rib, to avoid the wind impact on the canvas, and to keep it longer. How to change the canvas of your Sun Garden 320 parasol: We advise you to change the canvas directly on your parasol in closed position. With a screwdriver and a stepladder, take out the protective caps and unscrew the 8 fixing points on each rib.After that, undo the velcro which fixes the canvas to the ribs, and unlace the knot in the canvas to let the canvas fall by itself on the ground. To set up the new canvas you can remake all those steps in the opposite way.

Type of canopyOlefin
Guarantee2 years
Weight and parcel dimensionsL40xH10xD40 cm for 3 Kg
Canvas diameter in cm320
Quality of the canvas240 gr/m²
Shape of the canvasSquare without flaps
100% recyclableYes
Filters UV raysyes
Rot resistantyes
Good tear resistanceyes
Good light resistanceyes
Made in Europeyes
2 years guaranteeyes
Compatible parasolsEasy Sun 320
ColoursLight taupe
Canvas diameter in cm320
Label ProduitToile olefin 320 taupe clair

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