Our guarantees on our items

All our items are subject to a guarantee of conformity and legal guarantees and legal warranty against latent defects

Guarantee of conformity

We care about providing you with an item which fits the description on our site. We strive to have photos which represent as faithfully as possible the item sold. If the purchaser decides that the item does not conform, they must let us know within 15 days of receipt of the merchandise. VIGASUN can refuse the request, replace the item or item part, or offer you partial or complete reimbursement with a transfer or voucher. In the case of a replacement, this will be sent to the initial delivery address.

Legal warranty

The purchaser has two years from receipt of the merchandise to indicate to VIGASUN any conformity defect concerning the merchandise sold. If they can show a defect or non-conforming product, depending on the situation, VIGASUN will either:

  • repair the product or faulty part at no charge to the purchaser and as soon as possible
  • replace the product or faulty part at no charge to the purchaser and as soon as possible
  • reduce the initial sales price if the repair or replacement is impossible or disproportionate, or if it cannot be made within a reasonable amount of time, with a reimbursement or voucher
  • offer a reimbursement if all other possibilities have been exhausted. In the case of a replacement or repair, this may be carried out in the place where the initial delivery was made or at the VIGASUN company.


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