Frequently asked questions 

Q: I think the delivery costs are a bit expensive

A : Our parasol comes in a box measuring 3 metres long, 89cm wide and 20cm high. This is a very over-sized package for delivery. Therefore it is impossible for us to lower the price at the moment.

Q: It’s the first time I’ve heard about this parasol, although you say it is over 10 years old.

A : The Easy Sun parasol has existed for nearly 20 years. Nevertheless, it has only been sold in eastern Europe (Germany, Sweden, Poland, Norway,…). Now, we have decided to extend sales of our parasols to the rest of Europe.

Q: How do you explain the price?

A : Among other things, 15 registered patents gives our parasol real value. The most delicate part of a parasol is the canopy. Easy Sun has no fewer than 4 ways of reducing the tension of the canopy (ventilation shaft, eyelet, ball joint with brake, shock absorber on each rib). To prove our trust in the product, it is guaranteed 

Q: I don’t know your company. How can I trust it?

A : Vigasun has been the official Easy Sun parasol supplier for 7 years in Belgium. We work with the largest garden furniture chains. What’s more, you can get in touch with us  whenever you want, or even, why not come and pay us a visit!

Q: What does this price include?

A : Our parasol kits always come with the pole, parasol canopy, as well as a standard base and winter protection sleeve. What’s more, we guarantee the complete set for 2 years.

Q: I am a wholesaler and would like to sell the  Easy Sun parasols. What do I do?

A : Contact us and explain your situation. We will be delighted to reply.

Q: You sell replacement parts. Does that mean that there are problems with the parasols?

A : Quite the opposite. It means that our parasols last for a long time. Nevertheless, certain parts may, over the years, show the signs of wear. By replacing these worn parts, your parasol will last for many years.

Q: Are your parasols really made in Europe?

A :  Yes, all our parasols are made in Europe. Some parts are manufactured in Poland, the canopies are made exclusively in Germany.


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