Bien choisir votre parasol Easy Sun

Choose the right Easy Sun parasol

By purchasing a swivelling tilting Easy Sun parasol, you are creating a place on your terrace which is always shady, no matter what the time of day. Its reliability no longer needs to be proved. You just need to decide on the design, finish and accessories.

Have you decided to purchase a swivelling tilting parasol that you can keep forever? You are on the right page.
SUN GARDEN offers a wide range of swivelling tilting parasols of an incomparable quality.

Swivelling tilting parasols of an incomparable quality

Whatever the model that you select, your Easy Sun parasol will tilt to 45°, rotate 360°, and be solid and reliable. This cantilever parasol will look great with your other garden decoration.

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The polyester and olefin canopies for Easy Sun parasols are resistant to UV rays, waterproof, rot resistant and tear resistant thanks to their double seams. 

Perfectly stable

The ergonomics provide the best possible balance, and your Easy Sun parasol has a wide base to weight with 150kg of sand.


Filters UV rays

Easy Sun parasols are perfectly light and heat resistant, and they also offer a sun protection factor of SPF  50+ which guarantees UV protection.


Made in Europe

All Easy Sun products have been created and produced in Europe. Why does this benefit you? German manufacturing quality from 100% recyclable materials.

Garanteed for 2 years

All the parts of Easy Sun parasols are guaranteed for 2 years. So we can repair your parasol, even after a few years.


imputrescible  Résistant aux intempéries  Résistant aux déchirures  parasol solide  Résistant à la lumière - Filtre UV  Protection solaire  fabriqués à partir de matières recyclées

Choose the design of your swivelling tilting parasol

Swivelling parasol with trim

parasol classique avec volants


Enjoy a wide choice of colours for your parasol canopy

toile de parasol en olefin beige  toile de parasol en olefin bordeaux  toile de parasol en olefin noir carbone  toile de parasol en olefin noir titanium  toile de parasol en olefin terracota 

toile de parasol en polyester anthracite  toile de parasol en polyester gris  toile de parasol en polyester bleu azur  toile de parasol en polyester taupe  toile de parasol en polyester terracota  toile de parasol en polyester beige

Square swivelling parasol 

parasol carré 320 cm


Polyester parasol canopy 

toile de parasol en polyester
Sun Garden offers parasol canopies in polyester (single colours - 180g) or in olefin (slightly blended colours - 240g).
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Extra large swivelling parasol 

parasol de grande taille

Parasol canopy in olefin

toile de parasol en olefin
Easy Sun offers parasol canopies in olefin (slightly blended colours - 240g).
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