Download the manuals for your Easy Sun parasol

An Easy Sun swivelling parasol is a purchase to last a lifetime. This is why we make it possible for you to download the manuals for its optimal usage and maintenance.

When you keep a parasol for as long as Easy Jet swivelling parasols, sometimes manuals may be misplaced.
Not only do we make them available on this page, but we also offer all replacement parts so you can refurbish them.

Would you like to purchase a swivelling Easy Sun parasol?

Five types of Easy Sun parasol kits exist. Whatever the type of swivelling parasol offered by Easy Sun, it will always be robust and simple to use.

Download the presentation pages of our Easy Sun parasol kits

Have you purchased an Easy Sun swivelling parasol?

Are you unsure how to assemble your Easy Sun swivelling parasol? Would you like to update it, personalise it or change a faulty part?

Download the assembly plans and manuals for your Easy Sun swivelling parasol

More information ?

Contact the Easy Sun Customer Service

Our advisers will be delighted to answer all your questions, from Monday to Saturday between 8h and 19h.


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